Why do you want to go on Remote Year?


What is next?
This is the question I ask myself with increasing frequency.

At the age of 37, I am quite satisfied with all that I have accomplished and grateful for being healthy, successful, and surrounded by love. Many in my position would feel content and enjoy the comfort of stability, yet I am restless.

I am a traveler who craves a nomadic lifestyle.
Every trip ends too soon due to limited vacation days, and I often return home considering the feasibility of living abroad. I often feel the permanence of living in one place is restrictive to exploring new opportunities. I crave the challenges of being on the road, building relationships with new people, and learning to navigate new places.

My calendar is filled with travel plans in an attempt to satisfy these cravings, yet I return home wanting more.

The great cities of New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles have all been called home at some point in my life. What is next? I think Remote Year will help me find clues for the answer to that question.