Movie night at LoftSEVEN


Tonight was a double feature night on the rooftop of the Haas Building, which I’m moving into next Friday. The penthouse suite is operated as LoftSEVEN, a private space used to host events for the downtown community.

This was the first installment of the first Wednesday movie nights during the summer, and I think it was a success even if the turnout was lower than I’d anticipated. I took the 704 from Jared’s in Silver Lake and picked up some pad thai chicken from Thai Me Up Cafe on Hill Street on my way to the Haas Building. I brought along two bottles of Bulls’ Blood from Trader Joe’s to share, which was perfect since it was a communal wine bar.

First was “The Lost Boys,” which I swear I’d seen before, but managed to forget every minute of it. Second was “The Goonies,” which to date is still my favorite movie from the 80’s. I still trip out on the super long video for the title track:

Jared showed up early during the first movie, and brought along some delicious spaghetti salad to enjoy. Dustin, Seth, Paul, and Neil arrived just as “The Goonies” started. I’m looking forward to sharing the roof with my friends throughout the summer as more 80s movies will be shown including Legend and Labyrinth.