What was initially meant to just be a weekend fling has unexpectedly grown into something far more profound. I type this entry from a hotel room in San Antonio after spending the day with Ike while on his town pass for the day. He graduated from Basic Military Training at Lackland AFB on Thursday and I’ve been here to spend every minute of free time with him during these four days.

Today was an amazing day. We started out with breakfast at Twin Sisters in Alamo Heights, where a major in civilian clothing covertly covered our tab. Since Ike is in his blues, it’s quite obvious that he is a recent graduate from BMT. I guess that was her way of congratulating him for his accomplishments, which was rather touching. After breakfast we went to the McNay art museum just down the street, after seeing a flier for an Edward Gorey exhibit (!!!). Ike had some familiarity, in the context of the Gashleycrumb Tinies. Everyone knows that book…but few have the opportunity to experience Edward Gorey with the depth the museum provided. I was thrilled to be able to share with Ike something I’ve enjoyed so much for so many years.

Swim trunks were purchased, swimming at the hotel’s pool, followed by a nap together back in the room. After being apart for two months, waking up next to him even after a snort nap was so fulfilling. It’s impossible to describe just how content I was laying in bed together.

I’m sitting in that same bed now, many hours later, alone, sad, but still feeling the afterglow of spending a day with the boy I love.

Tomorrow is another day, albeit far less liberal as we get to spend the day on base. Oh well. Soon enough we’ll have that alone time again, and hopefully DADT’s days are numbered.


So I’ve already failed at keeping this up to date. I’ll categorically go through several topics over the next few days that require some updating. A lot has changed, complicated, evolved, improved…

Stay tuned.

A regular Sunday activity for me is a trip to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market on Ivar between Sunset and Hollywood.

Today I coordinated my trip with Pierce, which meant having a ride rather than taking the bus or metro. Plus being able to hang out a bit with him before he took off for Sunday Fun-day brunching was nice.

I spent $20 on the following items:
6 ears of sweet corn
1 basket of juicy gigantic strawberries
4 portabello mushroom caps
1 bunch of large beets
1 chicken and cheese pupusa with all the fixings

The best part about the beets was acquiring extra beet greens for free. I noticed people asking the workers to chop the “tops” off for them, which were then tossed into a box. I asked what they intended on doing with the beet greens and was informed that they return them to the soil as composting material. I voiced both my approval of their practice of composting and my shock that people were missing out on the deliciousness of the greens themselves. He then offered me a large bundle of greens for free. Score!

Beet greens are absolutely delicious and incredibly healthy for you. Saute them briefly with a little bit of olive oil, garlic, and salt and they’re a perfect side dish (or even just a snack!)

Tonight was a double feature night on the rooftop of the Haas Building, which I’m moving into next Friday. The penthouse suite is operated as LoftSEVEN, a private space used to host events for the downtown community.

This was the first installment of the first Wednesday movie nights during the summer, and I think it was a success even if the turnout was lower than I’d anticipated. I took the 704 from Jared’s in Silver Lake and picked up some pad thai chicken from Thai Me Up Cafe on Hill Street on my way to the Haas Building. I brought along two bottles of Bulls’ Blood from Trader Joe’s to share, which was perfect since it was a communal wine bar.

First was “The Lost Boys,” which I swear I’d seen before, but managed to forget every minute of it. Second was “The Goonies,” which to date is still my favorite movie from the 80’s. I still trip out on the super long video for the title track:

Jared showed up early during the first movie, and brought along some delicious spaghetti salad to enjoy. Dustin, Seth, Paul, and Neil arrived just as “The Goonies” started. I’m looking forward to sharing the roof with my friends throughout the summer as more 80s movies will be shown including Legend and Labyrinth.


One week down, seven to go.

From: xxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, May 04, 2009 3:46 PM
To: Michael Muniz
Subject: RE: Bike to Work Day & Bicycle Commuter Act


Thanks for bringing this up to my attention. Let me look further into this and bring it up to xxx. We are definitely committed to being a more “green” company.


From: Michael Muniz
Sent: Monday, May 04, 2009 3:33 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Bike to Work Day & Bicycle Commuter Act

Hey there!

Two things to bounce off of you.

1) May 14 is “Bike to Work” Day. I think it would be great for the company to endorse such a movement by encouraging those that have the means to reasonably commute to work that day to do so. Given Ken’s encouragement of “greener” living (twice via email to the team since I arrived), I can’t imagine why not right? 😉

2) When I was interviewing for the Ops position, Dan mentioned the company had been considering a commuter reimbursement benefit. Upon doing some research, I’ve learned about the Bicycle Commuter Act that went into effect in January. This bill allows employers to reimburse up to $20 a month (tax-free to both parties) of expenses via voucher to qualified commuting employees as an incentive to use alternate means of transportation.

I’d be happy to discuss both/either of the above with you at length. I think if GCP is open to the idea of offering “qualified transportation benefits” to the team, Bike to Work day (May 14) sure would be an awesome date for such an announcement 😉

I know I’m new here and hope this doesn’t sound too self-serving, because it isn’t meant to be. I endeavor to encourage everyone I know to utilize alternative forms of transportation whenever feasible. As I mentioned earlier, I’m hardly one of those militant bicyclists…I simply like to lead by example 😉



I paid my deposit on Friday evening for the new loft in the Haas Building. Moving back to Los Angeles seemed like nothing more than a distant dream back in January, but now it has become a reality.

Not only have I found a well-paying IT job that is transit/bicycle convenient, but I also found an incredible loft in downtown.

I can start planning for the future again. Re-evaluate my goals and aspirations based on this modified trajectory.

I misunderstood the impending payday…it’s not the 1st of the month, but rather the last business day of the month…that means tomorrow is payday!

After a bit of a hiatus I began blogging at Livejournal again…only to realize I’d much rather incorporate the blog into my own website using WordPress.

From this point forward, my livejournal account will be defunct, replaced by blog.justmike.com.

Setting up WordPress on my site was pretty simple, although what you see here is still pretty basic.  I’m a bit overwhelmed by all of the themes and settings, so for now I’m sticking with something clean and minimal.  Over time this will develop into an interface that will be more in line with www.justmike.com.

Bear with me…this has both the potential to be something pretty awesome and at the same time a total failure when I lose interest again in a few weeks 😉


A little over a month ago I was inspirted to embark on a photo project I’ve called "3:33 — A Snapshot Every Day."

I set an alarm for 3:32 pm on my iPhone and promptly (when I’m not in the middle of something else) I take a photo of something in my immediate surroundings that’s representative of the "now." I’m aiming more for an abstract feel, by focusing on the small scale. Taken out of context, the photos can either invoke a profound emotional response or absolutely nothing at all.

The URL to the evolving gallery, is of course, www.justmike.com/333

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