That really kind of sums up what’s up with me right now.
I’ve been at my dad’s for two weeks now, soon to head down
to North Carolina, then two weeks of journeying back west.

I plan on arriving in SF a week or two before the semester
starts. I’m living with rob at least until December, maybe
longer…we will see…I’m looking forward to painting the
bedroom…molten bronze is a pretty close match to what I’m

I hung out with some time with friends, even gained a new
(very cute) one…Cody’s a sweet guy, and I’ve had fun
hanging out with him. He’s visiting Berkeley in August,
so I’ll see him again next month…so I’ll be playing tour
guide during my first month of living in SF! 😉

On a side note, I need to make it a habit of swapping CD’s
with new friends…this selection he picked out is really
nice…it’s an interesting way to get to know someone better.

Work…meh…I’ve been working 40+hr weeks lately…but
I guess I can’t complain much…at least I’m doing it from
the comfort of the couch (or starbucks).

I’ve been keeping in touch with Erik, and everything feels
okay right now. It really was nice to see him when I was
in town two weeks ago…almost felt like I hadn’t left.
I hope we’re able to maintain that level of comfort with
each other.


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