I had a great time this weekend.
Lots of fun stuff, and cool people to do it with.

Prana on Friday with Danielle, Anthony, and Nick was fun.
I enjoyed chilling and sipping wine with Nick.
Oh yeah, and the music was great although the
dancefloor was VERY crowded. Strange vibe.
This was followed by chilling at Danielle’s for
an hour or so before draggin’ the two car-less boys home.

I wake up on Saturday, put some stuff together for the
desert later in the evening and head up to Silver Lake.
I’d made plans to hang out with Mark. As friends.
I promised to fix his computer, in exchange for lunch
and his company at La Luz de Jesus.
I’m not going to lose touch again.
I enjoy hanging out with him.
I also realized I’m not as attracted to him as I once was.
I think anything I felt last weekend was mostly due to nostalgia.

Afterwords Danielle and I drove up to Santa Barbara to
pick up Eddie to bring him to the desert party.
I told her to research a restaurant online, and she did.
We had an amazing dinner at Sojourner Cafe.
We then rushed down to LA to collect Nick and Anthony
and returned to my place to pack up the cars.

I should have given the ride situation a little
more thought and planning. I feel bad that Danielle
had to drive my car, but at the same time I’m appreciative
that she made that offer.

Erik let me borrow the Baja for the night.
Man was it fun driving off road!

The party itself was a LOT of fun.
Great music (Joplin spun in the desert!!!).
I went on many hikes.
E and I spent some quality time alone.
It was pretty cool, except for the awkward and uncomfortable bit.
I guess I can’t blame him for feeling that way, I *DO* have a bf.
(Despite assuring him it was okay.)

A few drunken confessions were made to me.
Not sure how I feel about them. *shrug*

I’ve also started wondering about certain people’s motives.
bah…let them dig their own graves, I suppose.

I’m very tired.
Spent the better part of today driving (had to drive Eddie home).
It was interesting.
Got to see a lot of desert I normally don’t see.

Now I just need to go wash the Baja and then it’s bedtime!!!


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