3 months! I started working for Global Conference Partners exactly three months ago on April 14, 2009. I wouldn’t have imagined it possible to find a job that brought me nearly as much personal satisfaction as did working for Hot Topic Media, but here I am. I work with a great group of guys, that continue to blow me away with their skills and knowledge. It has taken a little adjusting to being the apprentice rather than the guy with all the answers.

GCP is a provider of conference calling solutions, offering both free services such as Free Conference and Instant Conference as well as Enterprise services such as Global Conference. As Operations Manager, I wear many hats. Along with the two other Operations guys, I provide second tier support to end users (under my alias Anthony Morgan). I contribute to the maintenance, design, and support of all systems in our corporate office in Glendale. By far the most challenging and enjoyable hat I wear relates to my role in helping to design, build, and support conferencing bridges and all customer facing systems. My background in telephony is admittedly fairly weak, but I enjoy the daily challenges and take lots of notes. I’ve learned more about unfamiliar technology in the last three months than I probably have in the last few years.

The office is pretty casual, although I aim to at least wear a collared shirt every day (even if I’m wearing shorts). Many people socialize outside of the office, and I’ve even found at least one coworker already connected to my circle of friends (thanks Facebook!). The benefits are very generous: fully covered medical/dental, 401k with matching contributions, decent number of holidays and PTO accrual, and stock options (that might actually be worth something someday).


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