A regular Sunday activity for me is a trip to the Hollywood Farmers’ Market on Ivar between Sunset and Hollywood.

Today I coordinated my trip with Pierce, which meant having a ride rather than taking the bus or metro. Plus being able to hang out a bit with him before he took off for Sunday Fun-day brunching was nice.

I spent $20 on the following items:
6 ears of sweet corn
1 basket of juicy gigantic strawberries
4 portabello mushroom caps
1 bunch of large beets
1 chicken and cheese pupusa with all the fixings

The best part about the beets was acquiring extra beet greens for free. I noticed people asking the workers to chop the “tops” off for them, which were then tossed into a box. I asked what they intended on doing with the beet greens and was informed that they return them to the soil as composting material. I voiced both my approval of their practice of composting and my shock that people were missing out on the deliciousness of the greens themselves. He then offered me a large bundle of greens for free. Score!

Beet greens are absolutely delicious and incredibly healthy for you. Saute them briefly with a little bit of olive oil, garlic, and salt and they’re a perfect side dish (or even just a snack!)


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