A little over a month ago I was inspirted to embark on a photo project I’ve called "3:33 — A Snapshot Every Day."

I set an alarm for 3:32 pm on my iPhone and promptly (when I’m not in the middle of something else) I take a photo of something in my immediate surroundings that’s representative of the "now." I’m aiming more for an abstract feel, by focusing on the small scale. Taken out of context, the photos can either invoke a profound emotional response or absolutely nothing at all.

The URL to the evolving gallery, is of course, www.justmike.com/333


  1. tessando on 04.27.2009

    I worship this idea… it’s really cool to capture a fragment in time like this! You’re so CREATIVE!

  2. spicoli on 04.27.2009

    Great project man. Love it.

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