I began working for Global Conference Partners in Glendale on Tuesday. I am the new operations manager, where I will contribute to internal support, customer support, and deployment of new bridge hardware into the field.

I haven’t worked in a standard full time office environment in 5 years, so this is taking a little getting used to. I had been on time every day this far, despite riding Nate’s bicycle 8 miles to work every day. Of course, it is easy to arrive on time when Im expected at 10:30!

Today I will be equipped with a company Blackberry and tomorrow I will visit the colo in LA with my boss.

I’m learning a lot about telephony, and am really excited about working again.

I’ve already started setting goals for myself, like putting a deposit down on a loft downtown by May 3 and moving in by May 19. I have also started shopping around for scooters. I will also be in a position to start repaying all of my debts to friends, finally, and finding ways the thank everyone for their generosity over the last few months.

If it wasn’t for the help of those close to me, I wouldn’t have been able to succeed. I’m looking forward to the next revision the Mikey ™.

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  1. thesaltpoint on 04.17.2009

    Congrats on the job.

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