1. sangfwaah on 09.15.2006


  2. justmealex on 09.16.2006

    Holy cow! Congrats!
    Apply to Gonzaga University and come live with me, I’ll get you basketball tickets 😉 And um… I’m only minutes from any outdoor activity you can think of, 15 minutes from Idaho, 120 minutes from Canada, and 180 minutes from Oregon.

  3. iwantchai on 09.16.2006

    But that’s in Spokane. I’ve been there…it’ kind of isolated.
    Granted, there is some beautiful countryside out there, and that
    would put me closer to Seattle…

    No, I’m committed to Northeastern Illinois University through summer 2008
    when I’ll receive another piece of paper proving that I’ve sold myself out
    to the educational system even longer! ;-0

  4. onewomynarmy on 09.16.2006


  5. justmealex on 09.17.2006

    Good plan! :)

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