The last few weeks have been intense. Rather than try to sum up events
since I left San Francisco, I’ll just link the result of my Saturday
evening activities. I hit up several clubs around town while Nick was
working and found myself at a 24hr cafe where I consumed black bean
soup and pancakes in a rediculous drunken state. There was a brief
flirtation which resulted in the following Craigslist ad:


We’ve since tracked each other down and had a few drinks last night.
Fun times…I now have a few new friends in Chicago!


  1. takoburrito on 04.12.2006

    awesome. I love CL so much, I don’t kick trash at their windows.

  2. prophecyboy on 04.12.2006

    did you get my email? or did you find that post on your own? i saw it and i used craigslist to send that to you via email, but i wasn’t sure if it went through… i thought it might’ve been you!

  3. iwantchai on 04.12.2006

    In addition to you, Matteo, Andrew, and my friend Michael all found this
    listing on Craigslist. Not only that, but he messaged Michael on myspace in a case of mistaken identity.

    Thank you for looking out for me :-)

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