Flying home from Des Moines, originally uploaded by iwantchai.


  1. onewomynarmy on 01.29.2006

    Is that over the great salt lake?
    Thats crazy that you can take pics out of the airplane window and actually have them turn out. When I was flying home from Seoul, we flew next to Mt. Fuji and I tried to snap a few pictures of it and neither of them came out – only fuzzy blurred flash.

    glad to hear you made it home safely..*crossesfingersthathewillcomeouttoseeyou* 😉

  2. iwantchai on 01.29.2006

    No, just random clouds over Iowa or Kansas at sunrise.
    Here’s the trick…turn off your flash 😉

  3. onewomynarmy on 01.29.2006

    but theres water?!

    lol. yeah. thanks. 😉

  4. iwantchai on 01.29.2006

    Not water. Clouds.
    My camera phone does not due the view justice.
    The clouds were rippled and it did appear like we were
    flying over water. That is why the view was so interesting.

  5. onewomynarmy on 01.29.2006


    Its all making sense..


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