I continue to be amazed by the talented journalists that
contribute to NPR’s ATC and ME/WE.

Daniel Schorr posed the following rhetorical question this morning:
Why is it that the Republicans have all the money scandals,
and the Democrats have all of the sex scanals?

I felt compelled to look up his biography this morning, which
left me with a feeling of profound respect:



  1. takoburrito on 12.03.2005

    OH! I found the awesomest thing ever – an NPR Map!

  2. jamisononfire on 12.03.2005

    The republicans have their share of other scandals, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sex scandal which he stopped an investigation of, This year started with South Dakota representative Bill Janklo’s manslaughter conviction for killing a motorcyclist by running a stop sign at 75 MPH. Spokane Mayor Jim West molested children and while we’re on the topic of gay republicans there’s closet case David Drier who is always trying to put a stop to equal gay rights.

    I mean absolutely no disrespect to Daniel Schorr (who also had a featured roll as himself in the movie “The Game”) but while the republicans have all the money scandals, they in no way discriminate against other scandals, just gays, non-christians and racial minorities.

  3. yesterdayzhere on 12.05.2005

    I’m a Desiree Cooper man myself…

  4. anonymous on 12.06.2005

    You promised me a few months back you would let my PET SHOP BOYS GEO CACHING TRAVEL BUG go in a cache nearby and you have yet to do it. You have held on to it for almost a year now. :( Please I beg you just go place it in a cache so it can move again. I don’t understand why you would say you would do this for me and then not.

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