1. babybloo on 11.17.2005

    no implied pictures of your wang????

  2. iwantchai on 11.17.2005

    Sadly, the shorts stayed on today.
    Danielle and Rob didn’t seem into the whole nude thing.

  3. babybloo on 11.17.2005

    what a bunch of prudes.

  4. takoburrito on 11.18.2005

    um – just coz I didn’t feel like shaking hands with the naked guy doesn’t mean I’m not into the nude thing!

    I did wear a sarong, after all.

    I probably would have taken off my top, if not for the fact that it would have looked silly to be topless but wearing tennis shoes.


  5. iwantchai on 11.18.2005

    Oh crap, I need to email him that photo.

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