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  1. babybloo on 11.14.2005

    oh please save iowa & arkansass for our special vacation!

    i dream of those great states.

    ps.. i HIGHLY reccomend goign to maine for kayaking!

  2. iwantchai on 11.14.2005

    Don’t make a promise you don’t intend to keep 😉

  3. takoburrito on 11.14.2005

    Iowa is a *must* for next summer. Rawkus gets married on Aug 12th, you better bet I’ll be there.

  4. babybloo on 11.14.2005

    OH SNAPPPO! youre so right!

  5. druxhl on 11.15.2005

    You really should visit Arkansas. I’m hoping that they still have the wall of all the Miss Arkansas’ in the state capitol building. Teri Utley was my favorite. She even went on to become Miss USA!

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