I had an amazing weekend.
Vancouver and Seattle are great cities, and I’d love
to visit them again when there is more time to explore
each of them. My passport has been stamped.

We flew up to Vancouver on Friday night, walked around
and explored the city a bit and fell asleep early back
at the hotel room (oops!). Saturday was spent walking
around in the rain. Walked around in Stanley Park and
saw some totem poles followed by some great food at a
nearby Ukranian cafe. Hopped on the SkyTrain and wandered
around West Broadway where we played a very long game
of air hockey followed by a visit to Death by Chocolate.
After walking around the public market on Granville Island,
we headed out to Chinatown/Gastown in search of dinner.

After a few blocks of skid row, we found ourselves at
the Old Spaghetti Factory. We tried several other
establishments in the neighborhood…but they either no
longer existed or had a long wait. Cold, wet, and hungry,
we settled for something familiar. After dinner we
walked back to the hotel with the intention of napping
for a little while before exploring some of the local
gay bars. Awoke from our nap around midnight and
decided not to go out after all and slept through the night.

Left the hotel about 7:30am and took the SkyTrain to
the Pacific Union station, where we boarded a bus bound
for Seattle. After being held up at the border by a
passenger that was later detained and bypassing a shutdown
stretch of the freeway, we arrived in Seattle.

In Seattle we wandered around Pike Place Public Market,
where we ate sausages and visited the birthplace of
Starbucks. Afterwords we took the monorail to the
Space Needle and played in the nearby arcade (air hockey,
skeeball, daytona racing) until it was time to head back
to the train station where we rode a bus to the airport.

Arrived at SFO around 9:15 and drove back to Nick’s.

It would seem that we travel well together, despite
the obvious inbalance of experience. Nick was very
much the leader on this trip, which worked out most
of the time. I need to be less indecisive. I also
should have done some more research before the trip.
Having not learned of the destination more than two
days prior, during which school and work had me busy,
I didn’t have the oportunity to do any of my usual
research into things to do.

My only regrets (I know, playing what if games are
dangerous): not going out alone on Saturday night
when Nick was tired and suggested I do so and being
a sore loser when we played air hockey on Saturday.

After spending the entire weekend together, neither
of us seemed cranky or sick of each other. I feel
spoiled by having the oportunity to curl up with
Nick three nights in a row.

Hopefully, this was the first of many trips to come.


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