Looks like I’m spending the weekend in Vancouver as a birthday present.

Last weekend Nick announced that he’d take me somewhere for my birthday
(now that he has his full flight benefits again). It was to be a surprise,
but today I received an email from him giving me the choice between
Vancouver or Denver.

I’m excited.
I’ve never been to Vancouver.
I’ll get to fly first class.
This will be our first time traveling together.

After such a busy week, it will be nice to drop everything and leave
town for a few days. I’d write more about my birthday, but I need to
get to sleep so I can take a quiz in the morning. Soon though, before
the memories fade.


  1. onewomynarmy on 11.10.2005

    Awww but I’M in denver *pouts*

    although I’d wish to see you in denver, you’ll have a blast in vancouver!! Amazing city to say the least – make sure to hit up Robson Street.. some really cool bars.

    update when you get back!

    oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  2. druxhl on 11.10.2005

    You should have held out for Pensacola or Yuma. Oh, and my cousin manages the Days Inn in Waco if you decide to go there.

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