This morning was quite a struggle getting out of bed.
It was worth it though, methinks.

I had a great time last night at Delay…surrounded
by great people :-)

I do wish I was less stoned though. I guess I didn’t
quite realize how low my tolerance has become now
that I don’t smoke very often. I found myself unable
to converse very well when first arriving…and almost
didn’t recognize Jason.

So yeah…I need to learn how to pass on the rotation.

I wish we would have gotten there a little earlier so
I could have heard Joplin spin, but there certainly
wasn’t a lack of good music to dance to. I’m excited
for there to be a good local weekly.
And it’s in a ballroom.

Anthony and I had our first adventure at the gym last
night. It seemed to go well, though we didn’t go
through the full ruitine due to time.
Thursday will be better.
It’s nice to have a workout partner again.
I need to be disciplined and keep this up as I’ve
become very dissatisfied with my physique lately.

I’m sure eating out twice a day doesn’t help either.
I need to change that…time to start brown bagging lunch!

Okay…back to sorting through spam.


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