10.21.05 – Day 1 of New Phone, originally uploaded by iwantchai.

If this is successful, then I too can post to lj via flickr

(by emailing flickr from my phone).


  1. jeremyjx on 10.28.2005

    You look so serious.

  2. xtex on 10.28.2005

    Random question: what kind of phone is that?? that’s the best cellphone camera picture i’ve ever seen… :)

  3. iwantchai on 10.28.2005

  4. xtex on 10.28.2005

    What a great phone.. I didn’t realize Sprint had released those yet…

    I’m still stuck with my Treo 650 and its camera of doom. :)

  5. iwantchai on 10.28.2005

    I was previously using a Treo 600 so I feel your pain.
    Sprint hasn’t officially released it. You have to have
    a business account to directly purchase one of these.

    Hello eBay! 😉

  6. xtex on 10.28.2005

    We’ve got a Verizon business account where I work, and a few guys have the Verizon version of that phone… it’s so nice..

    I’m not surprised that Sprint’s only got them out for business accounts yet — considering their high speed network hasn’t been activated in most cities yet… but…wow… bluetooth, wifi, *and* evdo.. *faint*

    I know what I’m getting myself for Christmas. :)

  7. iwantchai on 10.28.2005

    Yeah, I *almost* got the Samsung i730 but wasn’t willing to pay the
    rediculous rates Verizon charges…I would have been paying about $120
    per month. Turns out, I like this phone better…and it is even a little
    bit smaller (slightly smaller than Treo).

    I guess Sprint is waiting for EVDO to be active in more cities before releasing
    it to the public, but still…you’d think they would want to have a competitive phone out.
    The 6600 is crap…feels very cheap and the keys really suck.

  8. prophecyboy on 10.28.2005

    i totally love flickr!

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