I feel about as frustrated as I normally do on
a typical Monday. So many things are not going
my way today. I want to just go back to bed!!!

While installing a new RAID controller in this
one server I installed last week, I discovered
it was unstable and required a brand new
installation of Win2k Adv. Server. That’s fine,
except I couldn’t get the stupid server to boot
off the CDROM. I *HATE* Compaq. The Irvine
Company is 100% HP/Compaq. BLEH. So I take the
time to make the boot disks. Two hours later I’m
finally in Windows and downloading service packs.


In the meantime I call my 401k company. I figured
I could cash that out to fund my hard drive recovery.
I submitted the form yesterday. I call today and find
out my forms will not be proccessed because they are
incomplete. I try explaining that it is impossible for
me to obtain “plan administrator” signatures since
the company is no longer in business. Apparently they
never notified the 401k company, and they insist there
is nothing they can do until they hear from iNetNow.

So the total tally for money being held hostage by
financial institutions: $1284

Even lunch sucked. I don’t understand how “wheat”
sounds like “cibatta.”

My phone has been crashing a lot today. Apparently any
time it can’t obtain an internet connection, it decides
to reset itself. I’m starting to second guess my
decision to switch to Sprint. I mean, I can’t even
send SMS messages. WTF? I can receive them, but can’t
reply…what good is that???


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