So we had lunch at Paru’s on Sunday.
I charge half of the bill ($30) to my
check card. I add $10 for the tip.
I assume everything is fine and continue
my day.

Turns out they submitted two authorizations
for $30. The transaction clears at $40,
as it should have, but the authorizations

I walk in to Wescom today to dispute them.
They insist they can not reverse them
since they were authorizations. I explained
that not only did the double-authorize, but
the transaction in question has already
cleared!!! They insist the only thing I
can do is wait until they expire (tomorrow)
and if they clear as transactions, THEN I can
dispute it.

What if a check posts in the meantime?
It will be returned (NSF).
Will Wescom charge a fee?
Yes, but if I feel that I shouldn’t be
held responsible, I can always dispute
it after the fact.

So basically, I have to suffer because
of some idiot’s error?
“Unfortunately, yes.” she says.

So that makes a total of $384 that I
own, but can’t use because it is floating
off in limbo somewhere.

I seriously feel like breaking something.


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