I’ve always beleived that banks were evil
institutions. In this day and age of
modern technology, why does it take several
days to proccess a refund?

So I returned my phone to the T-Mobile
store yesterday at noon. The guy swiped
my bank card and I signed a refund receipt
for about $324.

As of right now, that still hasn’t posted
to my account. I called the store, and
he says it should post within 24 hours of
the transaction. I called Redpoint Wireless’
main office and they said they don’t know
how long it takes to post. I call my bank
and they say something like this could
take 3-4 business days.


I returned the product.
They accepted the product back for x amount of dollars.
They still have my money.


I’m *so* tempted to go back to NOT having
a bank account. I hate the whole notion of having
your funds off in limbo for days at a time.


  1. f0cker on 07.29.2003

    I never seem to have this problem with my credit union.

  2. iwantchai on 07.29.2003

    I seem to recall that we both bank with
    the same credit union…


    They’ve been better than most banks I’ve
    dealt with in the past…but I’ve still
    run into some of the same annoyances as
    with other financial institutions.

    I think the thing that annoys me the most
    is nobody can seem to tell me where/when
    my money is!!! It’s all guess work.

  3. f0cker on 07.29.2003

    ah this is true this is true.

    I always see my money back after 24 hours. Wierd.

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