So I showed my grandmother a few pics of my room and the first thing
she said was “yucky colors.” Oh well, can’t please everyone ๐Ÿ˜‰

The vents have been painted and mounted, the orange surfaces touched up,
the faceplates mounted…Now just to touch up the blue and peach then I
can store the painting supplies.

Direct Deposit was delayed by a day this week, which led to an embarrassing
moment when I was unable to pay for lunch with Nick.

Submitted 41 digital shots along with 7 slides to the photo lab, I’ll have
4×6 full frame prints on Thursday night. Then I get to decide which are
deserving of larger prints.

Helped Nick put his bed together the other night. Got some good practice
since I may be purchasing a very similar bed in the near future. Felt
honored to sleep with him in the new bed once it was constructed. Dinner
on Thursday, I think…maybe even some air hockey. Oddly, watching him get
all worked up and competitive was hot. We are dangerously similar, to the
point that our attraction to each other feels somewhat narcissistic.

There was thunder today, along with some rain. I was wet with raindrops
after walking home from the BART station. Hopefully Justin will call
soon, as we’d discussed meeting up for a drink.

Experienced falooda for the first time. Indescribable. Perhaps the most
intense ice cream I’ve tasted.


  1. justmealex on 09.20.2005

    Nice work, I didn’t think I’d like the orange, but it came out well!

  2. babybloo on 09.21.2005

    i like it!

    the orange is a bit intense, rather than peach… tho my monitor may not show it accurately.

    if you have furniture to accent i think it will be splendid…paint some wooden chairs to match or somethin mebbe…

    personally, i would have gone w/ the blue as a solid wall..that goes w/out saying tho…have you looked into the color response of being in an orange room? i forget what they call that stuff…its not a feng shui thing…something having to do witht he emotional reactions certian colors can create like warmth or angst…

    im gonna bring you a UP Gators pennant to hang on the wall too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. iwantchai on 09.21.2005

    The orange and peach actually compliment each other well
    in the daylight as the peach reflects a lot of the orange color.

    ORANGE –Happy, courageous, successful, enthusiasm, bold, adventuresome, friendliness, warmth, informality, welcoming

    โ€œOrange is the happiest color”
    โ€“ Frank Sinatra

    I’ve read that orange is an energetic warm color, cheerful and bright.

  4. babybloo on 09.21.2005


    at least its not the color of murder or something…

  5. iwantchai on 09.21.2005

    Right…especially while I’m trying to do my Physics homework.

  6. cyber_shane on 09.21.2005

    I just painted my front hallway and a wall in my family room that same color of orange. Everyone smart (like us) knows that orange is the new red.

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