Spent the day showing Jesse and Mike around town
and shared with them a few of the interesting places
I’ve discovered.

I’m beginning to perfect my own little ‘tour’ which
is great because a lot of friends have been making
plans to visit.

Places we went today:
Mt. Davidson
Twin Peaks
Corona Heights
Golden Gate Park
Sutro Heights
Gastronom (Russian deli in Richmond district)
Baker Beach
Slides near Sewell/Douglas

Last night was a party at ‘s place.
The guacamole I made was well received, and I met a few
really cool people.

Earlier in the day I met someone really cool. There has
been talk of swapping travel stories sometime soon.

The painting is going well. Two coats of primer and one
coat of porcelain peach so far. My goal for tomorrow is
apply the second coat and maybe even start on the pumpkin pie.


  1. babybloo on 09.05.2005

    kudos on the guac..ill have to sample it another time..

    reserve a spot on the tour for me next time i wander up that a way…

  2. iwantchai on 09.05.2005

    Yeah, my guac comes out really tasty.

    I’ll gladly drive you around to some of
    the cool spots I’ve discovered :) I suspect
    you may know of some cool spots in the Mission
    I have yet to explore.

  3. babybloo on 09.05.2005

    only a few of the places in the mission i saw the time juju & i were up there…just some back alleys when i was seeking some nice graff…

  4. takoburrito on 09.06.2005

    oh yeah, I walked by the leopard the other day… he looks fabulous and is surrounded.

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