The colors I’m using to paint my bedroom:
Bottomless Blue
Pumpkin Pie (inspired by Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah)
Porcelain Peach (inspired by beach sand at Long Beach, MS)


  1. babybloo on 09.02.2005

    looks liek someones a GATORS fan!

    GO UF!

  2. iwantchai on 09.02.2005

    Guess I must be! :p

  3. babybloo on 09.02.2005

    thast what happens when you lick giant paintballs.

  4. justmealex on 09.02.2005

    My walls are painted a very similar blue called, “french blue”, it’s just a tad bit lighter.

    Pumpkin Pie might be a bit unless it was done on one wall with the others being a neutral or white tone.

  5. iwantchai on 09.02.2005

    Here’s the plan:

    Porcelain Peach on the ceiling + 3 walls with various cutouts.
    Pumpkin Pie on the 4th (and only solid) wall and accenting some of
    the cutouts on the other walls.
    Bottomless Blue for the molding and trim around windows.

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