Ah yes…back to work.

All in all, I had a good weekend.
Saturday evening was spent with David and Danl.
It’s nice to be able to visit Danl now. Since
returning from Chicago he’d been staying on
our couch, so it’s very nice to visit and see
him truly feel at home.

Smoky treats.
ColdStone Creamery.
Clove cigarettes.
Capt. Morgan & Dr. Pepper.

Fun times!

I returned home and had a painful discussion with Erik
about the state of affairs. I think we reached an
understanding, and I feel optimistic about things.
It’s a tough situation, but we’ve been together for
more than two years now…neither of us is willing
to throw that away.

Sunday was spent doing yoga at Mobius with Glenn,
Erik, and a few other people whose names I’ve since
forgotten. It was a good variety of strenuous
activity and calming meditative chants. Afterwords
we went out for Indian food (by Erik’s suggestion).
I’d forgotten how much I liked Paru’s. South Indian
is nice to have once in a while for a change.
AND we got to sit at the one table I’ve always wanted
to have but is always occupied. It was nice.

Oh yes, and lots of swimming. I <3 my pool.


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