Arrived in SF nearly two weeks ago, and still getting used to the
fact that I actually live here.

Saw Mark Farina this past weekend…entertaining, although not
quite as amazing as I’d anticipated

Quickly becoming friends with Andrew, via Matt. He’s a lot of fun,
and I can’t wait to get both him and Chris in the same room.

Already embarked on a few adventures out and about the city…
various bars, farmer’s market, mt davidson, twin peaks, afghan food

Today I had my haircut in the Castro at “Male Image: A Man’s Barbershop.”

I’m going to see “March of the Penguins” tomorrow.

Cody has been in town since last weekend and I’ve seen a lot of him over
the past few days. :) He has some great friends, and it has been nice of
him to share them with me. Dinner with them on Sunday was great, as was
sailing in the SF bay on Monday night. Bryce and Marcia invited me along
to Big Sur this weekend, which should be a lot of fun!

Friday I’m driving up to Muir Woods to hike through some Redwoods and
possibly even check out Point Reyes.

Today was my first day of classes at City College of San Francisco.
I went to my Physics lab and then my Physics lecture. Tomorrow morning
is the photography history class.

Tonight I vacuumed the living room, straightened up some stuff in my
bedroom, setup a bed in the living room so I’m not sleeping on
thermarests, and scrubbed the bathroom from top to bottom (it was disgusting).

There is a Trader Joes and World Market in the same building just down
the road in Daly City. Very dangerously close!

I’m planning on moving my furniture up from Long Beach the weekend of 9/10.
Hopefully we’ll have my bedroom situation taken care of in the next week
or two, as I’d like to paint the room before I move my stuff up here.
I’m looking forward to having free reign in that room. I’ve already
picked out two colors for the wall…based on sand I collected on my road
trip this summer: Long Beach, Mississippi and Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Utah.

Speaking of which, I’m very behind in putting the pictures online from my
trip back to the West Coast…working on it though.

Danielle arrives on Saturday. It will be nice having here up here as well.
Yet another person to try to fit into my schedule.

When did I suddenly become such a social person? Perhaps this is part of
the new chapter I’d planned on starting with my move to SF. I’ve met a lot
of new people, many of which I’ve easily become friends with.

The city is so vast…yet I’m already finding that I have a few favorite
spots to eat, drink, loiter…I suppose SF is quickly feeling like my new home.


  1. aligator on 08.18.2005

    you’re in sf!? to live and go to school?

    that’s awesome.

    i live in san jose, ca.

    glad to hear you’re doing well!!

  2. takoburrito on 08.18.2005

    yeah, that’s gonna be interesting…
    trying to hang out despite both your *and* my schedules.

  3. prophecyboy on 08.18.2005

    haha… world market!

    i remember the days when it was just cost plus. we’re actually trying to steer away from the ‘cost plus’ name. i think it’s funny that you called it world market!


  4. iwantchai on 08.23.2005


    City College for now…UC-Berkeley next fall *i hope*

  5. iwantchai on 08.23.2005

    Well…I’ve always called it World Market because it is a little
    more descriptive of what you guys are. Cost Plus just sounds like
    a discount store…and it reminds me of Cost Cutters on the East Coast.

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