So I’ve begun the long trip back to the West Coast.

For those of you that had hoped to see me while I
was on the East Coast…I’m sorry. This trip was
very much about spending quality time with family.

I had lunch with my mom today. I’ve not had a
conversation with her in nearly 8 years. I saw
her 2 years ago, but even then little was said
to each other. I think she’s ready to have me
back in her life at some level. An important
first step was taken today…I’m looking forward
to seeing where this goes.

This weekend will be spent camping in Ashville
with and .
Well…maybe not “camping”…but playing together
at Transformus.

I still have another 150 miles or so until I arrive, so
I better get back on the road. Fuck you *$ for running out
of soy milk. This green tea is not quite fueling me like
a triple espresso would have!!!


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