Sitting in LAX waiting for my flight to board.

That’s right, within a week of arriving in NJ I boarded
a plane and flew to LAX. BoRyan had organized an IS
Team Summit and it was imperative that I participate.
Thankfully, the company felt the same way and financed
my trip back for 5 days.

The summit was held Wednesday evening through Friday
afternoon. The days were spent participating in some
awesome team building activities. The evenings were
spent with each other in some great relationship
building activites.

Being a “virtual” geographically distributed company,
it is a rare occurance to sit at a table with the entire
IS team.

I’ve never been part of such a solid team. The amount
of passion, intelligence, and expertise in that room
was astounding.

I came away from the event with a feeling of euphoria.
I feel even better about my job and the oportunites it
has afforded me.

Friday night was spent with Danielle eating pizza at
Village Pizza followed by consumption of the black and
white cookie I brought back from Friedman’s in Belmar, NJ.

Took the blue line down to Long Beach and spent the rest of
the weekend with Erik and Brian. Ate lunch at Kamal Palace
followed by bike riding at the beach with Erik and Jesse on
Saturday. Later that night I had an amazing dinner with Erik
and Brian at the crappery on 2nd Street.

Sunday was spent fondling servers and hanging out at Ervin’s
Birthday BBQ. Saw a lot of friends all in one place. Makes
visiting easy!!! Connected with a few people, shared stories,
and even gave a geography lesson to a brit.

Now I sit here…waiting for my flight back to NJ, where
Chris will collect me in the morning and madness will ensue.

Yes, in case anyone is wondering…there is free wifi in Terminal 6
at LAX. Looking to my right, I see at least 8 other people sitting
along the wall adjacent to the concourse. Every available power
outlet on this wall is connected to a laptop! I <3 technology. I can't beleive the weekend is over already. It feels like Erik just picked me up at the blue line station an hour ago!!! I'm glad we spent time together...even if it did feel like it wasn't long enough.


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