Rode my bike down to the beach and then stopped by my dad’s shop on
the way back to the house. Had a run in with the police, which informed
me that it is illegal to walk a bike on the boardwalk. Strollers (including
three-child shuttles) are permitted, however, and they didn’t like when
I questioned the safety of them. At the risk of being given a ticket,
I left the boardwalk. Oh well. Definitely had my fun people watching at
Point Pleasant Beach. 😀

Updated Day 14 from the trip…only one day left and I’ll be finished
with the updates. Tried getting into a clinic today about my headaches
but couldn’t find anywhere within an hour from my dad’s house. We’ll
see how I’m feeling in a few days. I just might go to Talbert while I’m
in Long Beach. I’m hoping a good night’s sleep will improve the pain
I am feeling…we shall see. More than anything, I hope the ear aches
go away. That’s been quite annoying.


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