Drove up to Belmar this morning for breakfast at Friedman’s.
Although they did not have any tri-color cookies this time,
the breakfast was good as usual. Walked down the street to
find Mr. and Mrs. McCormick chilling on their front porch.
My dad used to live next store and I hung out with their son
when I was younger.

Spent a few hours catching up with them and getting the dish
on Belmar. Apparently the arcade, bars, etc. have been torn
down along Ocean Ave. to make way for high-priced beachfront
houses. Ed is now the manager at Quizno’s down the street.
The boro is considering the enforcement of parking permits.
Also discovered Belmar is considered a “border town” since it
is along the ocean, however the goose police are ready to
step in should Belmar need protection from invaders.

Stopped in to see Ed before heading back. He’s now a volunteer
fireman in Belmar, spent some time as a fireman in SC, and
was one of the volunteers that went to NYC to help dig people
out of the rubble after 9/11/01. He’s looking good, all
grown up.

Left Belmar and checked out Nature’s Corner in Spring Lake.
Not a bad selection of food. No Wild Oats, but definitely rad to find a decent
sized natural foods store that is independently owned/run.


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