Depart Long Beach June 4
Day 1: Las Vegas, camp in Zion National Park
Day 2: Crossing Utah. Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, camp in Arches National Park
Day 3: Camp in Gunnison National Forest (Colorado)
Day 4: Spend the night in Denver
Day 5: Pass through Wichita, spend the night in Oklahoma City
Day 6: Pass through Dallas, spend the night in Shreveport, LA
Day 7: Pass through Lafayette, Baton Rouge, spend the night in New Orleans
Day 8: Spend day in New Orleans, Erik flies back to CA, crash near Mobile, AL
Day 9: Pass through Montgomery, drive up to Atlanta, visit/crash with Sachiyo
Day 10: Pass through Greenville SC, drive along Blue Ridge Parkway. Lunch at Linville Falls, side trip to Pocahontas WV, spend the night near Roanoke, VA.
Day 11: Continue North on Blue Ridge Parkway, lunch near Natural Bridge, drive along Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. Camp/crash somewhere nearby.
Day 12: Drive East through DC, possible overnight stay
Day 13: Continue North, lunch in Philadelphia, arrive dinnertime at Dad’s in Brick, NJ.

The last few days get a but fuzzy. A lot depends on my stamina, patience, etc. as I’ll be
on my own beyond New Orleans.

My goal is to find a couch to crash on in the following cities (or vicinity):
Oklahoma City
Dallas or Shreveport
New Orleans

I’d much rather experience places along the way with local residents. I figure, Motel 8 looks
the same in CA as it does TX as it does VA. I’ll stay in a motel if need be, but I’d much rather
either camp or crash/hang out with locals in the area. Also presents a great oportunity to swap
stories, experience what the local area has to offer, and make new friends.

So yeah…if anyone has any oportunities for couchsurfing in the above cities, please let me know!


  1. aligator on 05.25.2005


    good luck with your adventure! =)

  2. iwantchai on 05.25.2005

    I’ve been there in the past.
    Tried finding a couch to surf in Oregon and in DC.
    Sadly, I couldn’t find a single person that would return me emails.

    I’m trying again for this trip, but I must say I’m very disappointed
    by the flakiness of those who have profiles posted.

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