I’ve found it helpful to distract myself with things that make me happy.
This tactic enables me to go about my day without dwelling on things
that have been making me sad lately.

Hopefully this list will be a constructive exercise in reminding me of
such things…

Harvesting fistfulls of cilantro from my own backyard.
Unexpected iPod gifted from Eben in gratitude for my hard work.
Last night’s Calculus exam = take-home exam.
I have my ticket for Transformus, the SouthEast Regional Burn.
Erik has agreed to begin my journey East with me in June.
Going camping in Zion and Arches with Erik.
Spending time with my dad and my grandparents this summer.
Flying back in June for work meeting and spending some time with Erik.
I’ve discovered I can make kick ass banana bread.
One more week until the semester is over.
Succeeding in getting DSL installed in the new house prior to move in.
Finally getting CommerceWest to pay for my alignment.
Actually found 2 decent matching tires for my car to replace the worn ones.
A box of CDs/DVDs/Records that should demand close to $200 at Fingerprints.
Being able to pawn off (read: gift) stuff to friends as I downsize.


  1. onewomynarmy on 05.11.2005

    Zions and Arches!! Fun! I spent about 10 days around that area, mostly in the grand escalante national monument. Amazing scenery! Have a blast and be sure to post about the journey once you get home…

    btw – where are you?

  2. iwantchai on 05.12.2005

    Oh…I’ll have my laptop with me.

    Unfortunately there are many many starbucks/kinkos/borders
    between our fine oceans…so you can count on regular (if not daily) posts during my journey.

    I’m technically still “working” so I’ll need to hop
    online for an hour or so every so often.

    I’m in Long Beach, headed to NJ, then to NC, then back
    (to San Francisco) by way of Seattle. Yes…a LOT of
    driving. I’m actually thinking of passing through
    Denver on my way east…

  3. onewomynarmy on 05.12.2005

    Come on out!!! We’ll be here .. we could show you to all the nice peice shops so you could get a little bit of colorado blown glass…amazing stuff. Not as nice as the peices coming out of washington and oregon area…nice still though, nontheless..

    let me know once you know…


  4. iwantchai on 05.12.2005

    Dare I ask…

    Do you have a couch/floor we can crash on?

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