Isn’t technology great?

Especially when it completely fails on you.
Next thing you know, every bit of data you
have ever had disappears. That’s right.
About 7 years’ worth.

Cuz you know, 40GB is a lot to try to back
up somewhere. A mirrored drive was something
I’d been working on…but hadn’t quite gotten

Goodbye email.
Goodbye Palm data.
Goodbye every phone number I had ever collected.
Goodbye Address Book.
Goodbye MP3’s.
Goodbye Photos from the last 4 years.
Goodbye My Documents.
Goodbye Resume.
Goodbye Seinfeld episodes.
Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye.

I’ve done some research. I guess I’ll be saving up
for the next few weeks for one of those data recovery
places. They disect your drive and extract the data
for you. Fun!

In the meantime…I might just swear off computers,
at least at home. There’s no productive value to me.
Other than maybe occupying my time whilst Erik is

Well…back to spending quality time with Chuck.
Maybe we’ll take a dip in the pool again. The
water is very warm. Danl and David might stop over.
That would be nice. I’m alone today, which isn’t
such a bad thing…I miss that sometimes.


  1. prophecyboy on 07.26.2003

    goddamn mikey, that fucking sucks!!! i’m sorry. did you have to reformat your hard drive? does that mean you don’t have a computer anymore? that happened to me once, and it sucked big time. but my computer was crap and it didn’t have a lot of memory on there, not as much as 40G, but i still lost a lot. i was pissed. i had a bunch mp3’s that i just never got back. but i looked at it as starting over. a clean slate. just rebuild your collection and just save new emails. don’t worry, in no time you’ll have a whole new thing goin on.

  2. treefluffy on 07.26.2003

    I can soooo feel your pain. I spilled water on my laptop the other day and lost a lot of music, photos, and artwork. It hurts sooo much and I am forced to listen to my old CDs now. Like John B’s Brainstorm, an 80’s sounding jungle album (It’s cool and all, but…*sigh* i miss my mp3s).

    Word Of The Day (for me): boooooooooo

  3. f0cker on 07.27.2003

    Those data recovery places are great. Give em a couple hundred bucks, and all your data is back! I went to one in Costa Mesa, and it only took 30 mins.

  4. iwantchai on 07.27.2003


    There is one local? I’ll have to hit you up for information
    on that…I’m seriously considering that. I did some research
    and a lot of places like OnTrack charge like $1k or more. I’m
    willing to do that…but I’d rather not, yanno?

  5. iwantchai on 07.27.2003

    nah…I didn’t reformat it.

    Basically, it worked one day.
    The next day I turn my computer on and it doesn’t
    even recognize the hard drive’s existence!!!

  6. f0cker on 07.28.2003

    Cool cool. I don’t remember the name of the place, but it was in Costa Mesa and we looked in the phone book for it.

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