Grade on last week’s Calculus exam: 90, A
Average in Calculus class to date: 71, C

Average in Calculus class prior to the last exam: 63, F

I have one exam left + final exam.
Provided I don’t fail either of them, I’ll pass the class!


  1. nidrian on 05.04.2005

    Wow. Where I came from (Texas) a 63 was a healthy D. Good luck.

  2. iwantchai on 05.04.2005

    Actually I think it might be a D.
    But when you’re a Science major,
    a D in Calculus might as well be an F.

    I have to pass all of my major-specific
    classes with a C or better.

  3. eyezwideopen on 05.04.2005

    good luck!!!! I know how it is when you must pass a class. That’s how it’s been in my Biology class, either I pass it or I pick a new major. Luckily for me Valley College is full of idiots, so the curves kept my A thus far.

  4. sanity_is_mine on 05.04.2005

    COngrats on the test score and good luck with the rest!

  5. iwantchai on 05.04.2005

    That’s exactly the position I’m in.
    I was worried I’d fail this class.
    Considering this is the third time
    I’ve taken it, I was seriously starting
    to wonder if I needed to choose
    another major.

    Without second semester Calculus, no Geology.

    But I’m feeling much better about it.
    I’m going to pass, provided I continue to work
    my ass off 😉

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