I’m starting to look forward to the big changes ahead.
There is a lot to be excited about.
Plans are taking hold.
This summer has the potential be a journey of
life-changing popoortions. It will also be a
search for … something?

I know when the time comes to execute these plans
I will again be faced with the infinite sadness
that visited me a few weeks ago.

My plans for the summer involve a road trip to
New Jersey to spend time with my dad, and then
down to North Carolina to spend time with my
grandparents, then back…

But not back to Long Beach, or Los Angeles, but
to San Francisco…my new home.

So if any of my lj friends would like to cross
paths with me whilst I cross the country (twice),
let me know. I’m still thinking about my route,
but it won’t be a straight shot…Especially on
my way East. I’m thinking of maybe two weeks of
meandering across the continent. There’s a lot
to see between the two oceans…


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