We had the talk.

No surprises, really.

Although I’d suspected this
would be the outcome, the
realization that it was
happening overwhelmed me with
emotion and the tears came forth.

So the ball is now in my court.

Discussions with key people
over the next few days will
determine where I’ll be come June.

I worry that things will happen
so fast. I want to enjoy the
time we still have together.
I must not allow my anticipated
departure to prevent us from
enjoying each other’s presence.

It’s hard parting ways with
someone you love. He’s my
best friend, and it’s going to
be lonely without him at my side.


  1. angelpv on 04.18.2005


  2. anteklb on 04.18.2005

    :( I’m sorry to hear you’re leaving. I’m sorry to hear that such a loving, friendly caring relationship is changing so drastically. *hugz*

    This may sound strange but in the time I did get to know you.. you came off as an enlightened, well thought out young guy on his way to a party we all call life. I guess I don’t actually know if that’s your attitude, but I regret forfeiting my chance to know.

    Take care.. and most of all.. if you’re going to get in trouble, have fun while you’re doing it *grinz*

    I’ll miss you man..

  3. f0cker on 04.18.2005

    sorry to hear that mikey …

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