So Brian left a note this morning that he received an email from the
owners late last night warning him that we’ll be receiving an
eviction notice sometime today.

We need to be out by June 20.

We’re going to discuss all the details tomorrow morning, I guess.

So I’ve got 2 months to figure something out.
So much for all the hard work (and money) I’ve put into my garden :-(
So much for having a low-stress summer.

On the other hand…is this an oportunity to move North early?

Does this force the above issue to be discussed in a serious
forum between Erik and I?

Guess that means we’re going to be throwing one hell of a party
at our house sometime in June…


  1. aligator on 04.15.2005

    why are you guys getting evicted?

  2. iwantchai on 04.15.2005

    I wish I knew!

    He didn’t specify in the note, and neglected to forward
    the email to me. He just mentioned that he has *LOTS*
    to tell us about this and we need to discuss it urgently.

    I can think of a few things that might justify us being
    evicted, but for the most part those are things the
    landlord would have no way of knowing.

  3. takoburrito on 04.15.2005

    will there be tomatoes by then?

  4. sanity_is_mine on 04.15.2005

    Hey…you still havn’t added my new LJ yet silly girl…GET ON IT!

  5. iwantchai on 04.15.2005

    no, but maybe some peas?
    and basil

  6. sanity_is_mine on 04.15.2005

    Not you silly…her!

  7. iwantchai on 04.15.2005

    Yeah, that’s what I get for replying from the email without
    viewing the entire thread! 😉

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