Despite the mild hangover (hangovers are for pussies),
I’m in a very pleasant mood this morning.

Last Night:
Cooking with Danielle (so much Risotto).
Good wine.
South Park (the brown note).
Garlic and Rosemary (my hands still smell of garlic).
Friends (JP, Anthony, Justin, Danielle).
Funk (Natural Aphrodisiacs).
More Friends (Bianka, Danl, Lisa).

I had a good time last night, surrounded by great
people in great environments. I have a newfound
respect for Anthony, he’s got cocktail napkin
origami skills. Oh yeah, and the disappearing
candle trick. Wow.

Ah, and if there was any bit of doubt left as to
his level of interest…the record was definitely
set straight last night…grrrrr 😉


  1. prophecyboy on 07.25.2003

    wow, when i made that candle disappear, i think i even freaked myself out! it was amazing! and of course let’s not forget, “follow the candle!” that was a tough game.

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