So next time Erik gives me a hard time about being so fidgety and unable
to sit in one position for very long…I’ll remind him of this study:

The Fit Tend to Fidget, and Biology May Be Why, a Study Says

Overweight people have a tendency to sit, while lean ones have trouble holding
still and spend two hours more a day on their feet, pacing around and fidgeting,
researchers are reporting in findings published today.

The difference translates into about 350 calories a day, enough to produce a
weight loss of 30 to 40 pounds in one year without trips to the gym – if only
heavy people could act more restless, like thin ones.

The difference in activity levels may be biological and inborn, the researchers
say, the result of genetically determined levels of brain chemicals that govern
a person’s tendency to move around. It is the predisposition to be inactive that
leads to obesity, and not the other way around, they suggest.


  1. babybloo on 01.28.2005

    take up knitting or soemthing.

  2. iwantchai on 01.28.2005

    psh…i WISH i had time to take up
    such a tediously monotonous activity!

  3. jakeonthebox on 01.28.2005

    Damn… I wish I was fidgety-er.

  4. yesterdayzhere on 01.28.2005

    I just got through reading that!

    It’s true, with my eating habits and lack of exercise, I should weight a lot more–but I’m constantly moving around, bouncing my leg or something…it must work.

  5. prophecyboy on 01.28.2005

    thank god for ADD!

  6. no1likeme1414 on 01.28.2005

    Dude, that is GOLDEN!

    Yay for people like us! =)

    I’ve always thought that the ulcer-inducing anxiety would pay off in some way, like a relatively tight stomach, for a lazy bastard such as myself.

    Well, not exactly “tight,” but “small” compared to the rest of my fam …

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