Okay, so working in OC isn’t so bad after all.
I am about 15-20 minutes away from India Cook
House. Close sister to Kamal Palace. Their
buffets are nearly identical. I ate so much!
I even pulled an Erik and came back with a
few small red spots on my shirt!!! 😛

So I started making CD’s for Anthony. I’m
having a lot more fun than I thought I would
with this project. It has given me the oportunity
to rediscover all the bands I used to listen to
back in the old days! :-)

Today has been very busy. They finally got me
hooked up in the system so that I can be assigned
trouble tickets and they even delegated a few
larger projects to me. Oh boy, I’m gonna be
busy for the next two months, er month and a half!

That’s another thing…I wonder what the long
term potential is? There’s been mention of me
only being here temporarily so use me as much as
possible for the next two months. But then someone
also said something about the fact that I’ll probably
be kept here longer.

Ah well…I’m honestly cool with whichever :-)


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