This is my last night in New Jersey.
I’m ending this trip wishing I could stay longer.
I really do need to visit more often…both NJ and NC.

I really enjoyed spending time with my dad and
especially enjoyed catching up with some friends.

Marc kidnapped me and took me to Atlantic City.
I was rad spending time with him and kicking it old school.
I hadn’t seen him in 5 years, and it was great
getting drunk and wandering around Atlantic City
just like we used to in New York City.

It is now snowing and my step sisters are praying
for a snow day tomorrow. Marienne’s bf is super hot
too…for a 17yo.

Once I finish registering tomorrow for the spring
semester, I’ll have a better handle on my schedule.
Hopefully I’ll be able to swing a few trips back
here over the next few months.


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