So I’ve learned…when my dad picks me up from the train station
after arriving for my holiday visit and hands me a sack…it only
means one thing:

“When are you making me cookies?”

So of course, I had to make cookies.
It was expected that I’d make him cookies.
As per usual, I made my chocolate chip chocolate hazelnut cookies.
That of course after the trip to WalMart to get a coffee grinder.

He informed me today that his normal joint pains were nonexistant today.
Also that the cookies were delicious.

Shortly an old friend will be collecting me so we can go to Atlantic City.
There, hepatic masochism will ensue.


  1. no1likeme1414 on 12.17.2004

    YES! There’s nothing in the world like a dose of hepatic masochism.

    Have fun in NJ!

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