It’s fuckin’ cold in NJ in the winter!!!
As I was waiting for the train at the airport in Newark,
I noticed a few puddles on the ground near the tracks.
They were frozen solid.
At 6:00 pm.
Rode the NJ Transit train down to Point Pleasant Beach,
where my dad collected me.

Within minutes of getting in the car, my dad hands
me a sack. Dry dirt, mind you…but a sack nonetheless.
Next task, buy papers!

Discovered that one of my dad’s neighbors has an open
wireless network. This is how I am currently connecting.
I mentioned this to my dad and I’ve now been tasked with
purchasing and setting up a wireless card on his PC.
What have I started? 😛

Watched Drawn Together with my dad. He got a kick out of it.
Got my first peak at the new sister. She’s cute, despite being
a screamer.

On Friday night, I’m getting together with Marc and we’re going
down to Atlantic City. There have been promises of drunken
shenanigans…so it will be just like old times. I’ve not seen
Marc in over 5 years, so I’m looking forward to it. He and
I used to kick it back in NYC, get drunk and wander around the city.

On Monday, I’ll be seeing my friend Chris’ new house in Montclair.
There’s been talk of heading into the city to a museum and lunch
before he drives me over to the airport.

Looks like snow is forcast for NYC on Sunday/Monday, so I just
might get a treat…so long as it doesn’t rain. I’ll have
none of that in 30 degree weather.


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