I just read a news article that is cause for alarm.
Our kind may be suffering a lack of fertility,
thus eliminating geeks from the gene pool…



  1. markyboi on 12.09.2004

    yeah but ur a homo lol

  2. jnmadrigal on 12.09.2004

    Without reading the article, herein follows my thoughts on the headline.

    Hypothesis 1:
    Too much Mountain Dew destroys sperm cells.

    Hypothesis 2:
    Lack of sex appeal does not equal lack of fertility. Lack of sex appeal DOES equal lack of sex, usually. 😉

  3. jnmadrigal on 12.09.2004

    I just proved myself not a geek by making a grammatical error in the previous comment. Dammit.

  4. f0cker on 12.10.2004

    even after years of using laptops on my actual laptop, I still got a girl pregnant.

  5. iwantchai on 12.10.2004

    Well aren’t you one fertile motherfucker!
    You mean your sperm can still swim on their own?

  6. f0cker on 12.10.2004

    My sperm are battle hardened, ready for action at any time. They are armored and armed with .50 caliber howitzers, and trained in the best boot camps.

  7. iwantchai on 12.10.2004

    Rumsfeld would be jealous of your armor.

  8. f0cker on 12.10.2004

    My sperm would’ve 0wn3d Iraq.

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