Nekojin17: haha crazy catholics
Nekojin17: it also hasn’t molded
Nekojin17: but thats attributable to the fact that mold needs moisture
Nekojin17: not all molds but almost all
Nekojin17: but it was cooked, and stuck in a box with cotton so there is no moisture
i want chai: right
Nekojin17: but if it was holy it wouldn’t mold either presumably
i want chai: i could sure use $28k
Nekojin17: haha
Nekojin17: thats a down payment on a house
Nekojin17: right there
i want chai: i think i’m gonna go look for the virgin mary in my garbage disposal


  1. no1likeme1414 on 11.24.2004

    Hey, some find religion in a bottle, some find it on a half-eaten grilled cheese samich.

    The real boners are those other eBay people who drove the bidding up to the final price. I mean, who would pay that for a perishable item?!

    Tell Nekojin17 I said what up! =)

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