So this year’s Thanksgiving road trip will take and I
to Monterey for a feast with her sister followed by an adventure in the far
norther corner of California.

Drive to Monterey and feast.

Drive N to Redding, check out Sundial Bridge and Arboretum.
Continue N and go exploring around Shasta Lake.
Drive further N to Mt. Shasta and see what there is to see.
Continue N, ending the night in Klamath Falls.

Explore the surrounding area and head South to Clear Lake Wildlife Refuge.
Drive through and explore Lava Beds National Monument.
Continue South through Klamath National Forest, Modoc National FOrest, and Shasta National Forest…
Drive through and explore Lassen Volcanic National Park.
Ooh and aah at Mt. Lassen.
Head East and South to Reno, where we will spend the night with Mack.

Head South around Lake Tahoe, stopping in Tahoe City and South Lake Tahoe
to explore the area.
Head West to Sacramento and South via CA-99 back home.


  1. yesterdayzhere on 11.24.2004


    do get pictures if at all possible! :-)

  2. nidrian on 11.24.2004

    When I was driving a truck I was always going up and down I-5 and up through Klamath Falls. But I could never stop and see anything because I was always hauling a 53′ trailer. The highlight of these trips was stopping at the truckstop in Buttonwillow and crossing the street to visit Starbucks.

    Beautiful country.

  3. babybloo on 11.24.2004


    jealous, table for 1

  4. iwantchai on 11.24.2004

    Thanks for the tip.
    Always good to know where we can caffeinate up along the route! 😉

  5. iwantchai on 11.24.2004

    I bringing two cameras with me, so don’t worry 😀

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