Had an awesome weekend.
Worked during the day on Friday.
Took Erik out for dinner on Friday night.
Spent Saturday with at Ikea and shopping for laptops.
Came home Saturday night to a party at my house in honor of Paul & Bianka’s SE Asia departure.
Worked a few hours on Sunday, bringing the total to 10 hours (weee).
Bought a 1GB SD card for my Treo. I can now use my phone as an MP3 player.

Today has been shitty.
Woke up around 4am, tossed and turned due to stomach pains.
Finally threw up around 730am and started feeling a little better.
Spent most of the day bundled up and under the covers freezing.
Threw up again around 2pm, and took a motrin.
Writhed around in pain until I fell asleep. Woke up feeling refreshed and without pain.
The nausea seems to be creeping back though. I fear another vomit session may be in my future.
My body aches. I feel very weak. I can’t walk around without feeling nauseous.
Danielle thinks it was the fish tacos at Islands on Saturday.
Although that’s possible, I suspect it is a touch of stomach flu.

Oh, and I also discovered this:
iwantchai is on Madcow, subcluster 8.

Where are you?


  1. killtacular on 11.15.2004

    it’s pretty useful to know, because status.livejournal.com will usually tell you which servers are fucking up, so whenever it says cartman is going down I know to not expect much out of the ol eljay.

  2. eyezwideopen on 11.15.2004

    hope you’re feeling better! Drink lots of fluids and keep hydrated :)

    /mommy advise

  3. iwantchai on 11.15.2004

    Yeah…you know…
    Being sick makes me miss my mom.
    When you’re an adult, there’s nobody to take care of you during the day.
    Being in pain and alone sucks.

  4. nidrian on 11.16.2004

    I had the stomache flu once. I swear it was the worst illness I’ve ever had, I’ve never been sicker. My doctor told me to drink lots of Gatorade.

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