Okay, so I find myself wishing I hadn’t signed up with TMobile.
Turns out Sprint offers a similar service, only with the
Treo 300 instead of the Treo 270.

There aren’t many new features included in the new version, but
I bet it is a bit more stable…plus it is capable of using
polyphonic ringtones. You know…it can play full midi tracks
instead of just a series of beeps. I found this utility that
can convert wav and mp3’s into midis suitable to use as ringtones.
Sadly, that won’t work on my phone…oh yeah, and there’s this
Mr. Scruff ringtone I found recently…

So yeah, I think I’m going to take advantage of that 14-day trial
loophole and return the phone. Is that going to far I wonder?
heh heh

ah well…back to sorting through spam mail. My new daily task
at the Irvine Company is sorting through their Spam Keywords mailbox.
Basically anything that matches their keywords filter gets dumped
there. They haven’t had time lately, so I started yesterday afternoon
with a week’s worth of emails. 10,000 messages! Everything from
credit cards, to mortgage, to penis enlargement, even a Nigerian email
scam! Oh boy!

heh heh


  1. f0cker on 07.23.2003

    The title of this should’ve been “Treo Reloaded”, and then when you switched to the 300, “Treo Revolutions”.

    Wow that was such a smooooorv sentence up there.

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