So I was listening to NPR this morning on the TV in the hospital room
on a local SF station (props to the nurse for hookin me up), and I heard
about this production called “Hollywood Hell House.”

Basically, a hollywood producer got ahold of a kit distributed by a
christian fundamendalist group meant to help other churches put together
their own “hell house” to show the evils of abortion, homosexuality, raves,
drugs, heavy metal, etc. Basically all that they consider evil and
wrong with the world. Scaring kids into not sinning.

Well, the Hollywood Hell House uses all of the language exactly as presented,
but is presented in such a way that it is meant as a satire. In an attempt
to poke fun at just how rediculous literal hell is.

I wish I’d heard about this sooner…since it ends tomorrow. It has been
running since late August.

Anyways, more info here:


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